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Mobilize 4 Change

Join 25,000 Young Adults

Bring all your used mobile devices to Onething 2014.
The funds raised will support this year’s Mobilize4CHANGE campaigns.

This year at Onething we are running two campaigns through Mobilize 4 Change and calling all attendees to bring your unused mobile devices to support missionaries and help end Bible poverty. Why not mobilize your church, school, workplace and social network to support these causes? The individual or group that brings the most mobile devices will win prizes. Used devices—Androids, iPhones, iPods iPads, tablets, and eReaders to name a few—will be used to support these campaigns. Cash donations are also welcome. Together we can accelerate kingdom impact.

Our Campaigns

End Bible Poverty

Today the hope of Christ is hidden from 4,500 people groups that lack the Bible in their native language. With the help of technology and committed translators we can end Bible poverty in our generation. So bring your devices to Onething 2014 — funds raised by selling devices will be given to Bible translation.

Androids for Missionaries

Hundreds of missionaries are disconnected from one another and their support base. Android phones will provide an easy way to quickly send and receive updates from remote mission locations. Join us in accelerating missional impact by bringing your used mobile devices to Onething 2014.

Ways to Participate

Bring all your used mobile devices to Onething 2014.

Download Forms

Mobilize your community by hosting a Mobilize4CHANGE campaign in your church or school by downloading a flyer & donation form.

Provision Exchange Ecosystem

Our passion for the Provision Exchange grew out of 25 years of associations with missional and marketplace organizations. It was formed and refined from the intersection of 3 recurring observations:


Causes (faith-based) are continually searching for sustainable funding strategies to carry out the mission of their organization, and looking for effective ways to create deeper long-term engagements with their fans and supporters.


Communities of fans and donors desire to advance the Causes they care about but lack clear on-ramps to use their resources (time, talent, treasure) to promote the causes mission, and oftentimes lack feedback on the impact of their efforts which fuels long-term partnership.


Companies want to participate and increase their visibility as partners in city transformation, yet lack ways to align with Causes and their constituents that bring proportional benefit to their business.

How They Intersect

Each of these groups plays a key role in the transformation of cities, regions and nations. Yet often they work independently and lack integration with one another to tackle big problems and advance the common good. That’s what the Provision Exchange is designed to solve. It’s a platform to help the community of faith collaborate with missional organizations to accelerate Kingdom impact. It operates through a culture of love, honor, and preference, with the goal of promoting a lifestyle of generosity among all those that participate. It’s designed to unlock the benefit that comes through synergizing the vision and efforts of Cause organizations, the passions and purchasing power of the community, and the wealth generation and sustainable funding capabilities of for-profit enterprises.

National Christian Foundation & Provision Exchange

National Christian Foundation and Provision Exchange

In November 2014 the National Christian Foundation (NCF) approved the Provision Exchange as a Missional Investment Opportunity for interested investors and donors. Investments and donations are processed through NCF’s Donor Advised Fund, which provides a tax benefit to the individual or entity investing into the Exchange. The Exchange is positioned to provide services to the 33,000 faith-based causes within the NCF Network and beyond. Our vision is to accelerate Kingdom Impact and provide scalable and sustainable funding solutions for the organizations we serve. If you are interested in partnering with us we’d like to talk to you.